Credit: PBS Kids

Some memes never die, and some stick around much, much longer than others. One such meme is the super famous meme featuring Arthur’s fist. Yes, that Arthur, the lovable aardvark from everyone’s fave ’90s cartoon. And one artist just put the most genius feminist twist on the Arthur meme, and we’re totally sending heart eyes into the internet.

ICYMI, here’s how the Arthur meme works.

It’s easier to show you than to tell you.

Like, LOL, right? Right.

But then artist Hannah Hill put a feminist twist on the meme, and we are LOVING IT even more!

She explained,

And it was NOT easy.

The many, many steps were showcased on her Instagram.

She’s beyond thrilled with the reactions to her take on the meme.

Thanks for the ah-mazing artwork, Hannah!