We love it when artists think outside the box. And that’s — literally — exactly what visual artist Anshuman Ghosh did. Ghosh is known for creating optical illusion art with his iPhone, and we’re so impressed with what he’s done. And really, all he did to construct his incredible prints? He incorporated a little bit of paper.

Ghosh, who is located in South Africa, uses Instagram to showcase his art. He’s acquired well over 92,000 followers on his “moography” account, and updates — on average — once a week. (That said, he’s had a few longer breaks. Since these ideas need to be thought out and sketched, we totally get the occasional lag. Great art can’t be created on demand.)

Pretty cool, right?

Here are a few more of our favorites:

Lucky for us, a lot of Ghosh’s ideas incorporate food. But they also go beyond that.

Oh yes. Ghosh is making ordinary tasks seem pretty darn extraordinary.

In an article with Bored Panda, Ghosh explained his entire process.

On average, each iPhone-centric piece takes anywhere between two to four hours. So, there’s a lot of time, dedication, and love that go into these prints.

We’ll drink to that.