Credit: winnieforamerica/Instagram

Working on a presidential campaign is no easy task. For the past 18 months, hundreds of staff workers have spent hours each week in Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn campaign headquarters doing everything in their power to ensure that the former Secretary of State is elected as our 45th president in November. Luckily, they have a secret weapon to relieve the stress — an adorable little dog named Winnie, who has become something of a celebrity within the campaign.

Although pets aren’t technically allowed in the Clinton campaign headquarters, senior staff have bent the rules due to the adorable Pomeranian-Schipperke pup’s calming presence during those long, stressful workdays. Winnie’s owner, tech team member Timothy Lu Hu Ball, initially brought her to work after his dog-sitting situation didn’t work out — but he had no idea that she’d quickly become the office celebrity.

Rachel Cantor, a software engineer for the campaign who runs Winnie’s Instagram and Facebook accounts, admits there’s one scenario in which Winnie doesn’t always maintain her calm exterior — when someone shows up with chicken or pizza they’re willing to share.

And, lest you think Winnie’s sole contribution to the campaign is emotional support, you should check out the Hillary 2016 mobile app.

A Clinton campaign aide says the strategy has worked — users have interacted with Winnie 350,000 times since the app’s July launch, according to

Seriously, is there anything Winnie can’t do? Given Hillary Clinton’s current poll numbers, I’d venture a guess that this honorary team member will be celebrating with lots of pizza and chicken when the final results come in on Election Night.