Credit: Zeeman/Facebook

An ad for a Dutch store features a woman with a prosthetic leg and the internet is going nuts for it.

The chain store, Zeeman, has locations across Europe and released the advertisement for a simple pair of tights. The ad features regular people going about their day, all filmed from the waist down so only nylon-clad legs are visible.

Zeeman uses the ad to claim tights are for “all legs,” meant for women of all shapes and sizes. That includes a woman with a prosthetic leg, seen wearing a miniskirt while shopping for groceries.

“Long legs, short legs, thick legs, slender legs, and sturdy legs. Everybody has beautiful legs with our Lady Fit tights,” the company posted to Facebook.

Dutch consumers took to Twitter to praise the company for featuring a wide range of women in their ad. false

Thanks for showing the world that all legs are beautiful, Zeeman!