This 3-year-old packed his own lunch the way we wish we could pack our lunch

As a parent, it’s important to teach your offspring to be independent, so they can do things like dress themselves and pack their own lunches as they get older. But as one parent recently found out, three-year-olds might need a little guidance when it comes to packing their lunch box.

Redditor andyrine posted to the platform to share his experience of letting his three-year-old child pack his own lunch.

The photo he posted pretty much speaks for itself: A lunchbox filled to the brim with cheese balls.

Honestly, can you blame him? This toddler is an evil genius.

Other redditors seemed to think so too.

My 3 year old packed his own lunch today. from daddit

“I see nothing wrong with this,” commented xabe13.

"I'm 42 and I did that last Tuesday. Clearly, the kid is ahead of the game," commented remlu.

While we’d recommend this three-year-old boy enjoy more balanced lunches on a regular basis, we can certainly appreciate the need for a mid-day snack break.

BRB, off to buy cheese balls.

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