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Updated Sep 21, 2016 @ 4:33 pm
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Anna Swabey wasn’t given a lot of time to live after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer but that didn’t stop her from looking for love. Told she had an inoperable brain tumor and only three years left, at most, it was at her sister’s suggestion Anna took to Tinder where she met and fell head over heels with Andy Bell — a man who would become her fiancé after just ten months of courtship.

It was during this time, Anna also began blogging, Inside My Head, where she wanted to raise money and awareness as many don’t know the signs or symptoms of having a brain tumor.

Through all of this, Anna (and Andy) focused on planning the wedding and looking towards the future. It wasn’t until this summer her conditioned worsened with a new mass on her brain and the original tumor progressing to Stage 4. This didn’t stop Anna and Andy from moving forward with plans of their lives together as husband and wife.

September 17th was supposed to be their wedding day and as Anna hoped, guests continued with their plans to stay at the lodging she spent time organizing. Through chemotherapy, Andy was by her side but their wedding day didn’t come. According to People, just one day before exchanging vows, Anna passed away, though, they continued on to celebrate Anna’s life. To honor requests Anna made beforehand, guests wore vivid colors and donated to a cause near and dear to her in lieu of flowers and we think this shows what an amazing woman she truly was.

Victoria Cartwright, Anna’s sister, gave an official statement to

Our hearts go out to Anna’s family and friends.