Olivia Harvey
October 05, 2017 12:22 pm
Getty Images / Bettmann

A lot of us find it hard to put how we’re feeling about the world into words. But one third grader has no such problem, and their feminist poem has people calling them the “Gen Z Sylvia Plath.” Originally tweeted out by Arabelle Sicardi, this kid’s poem, entitled “The True Feminine,” has gotten the attention of over 140,000 Twitter users.

This articulate and emotionally connected eight-year-old deserves all the snaps in the world.

You are a rich pie. We should all be rich pies, never to be eaten!

Sicardi, who has now changed her Twitter name to “rich pie,” tweeted a response to those who claim that there is no way this deep AF poem was written by a third grader.

Honestly, please leave us alone, too. We want to believe that Gen Z Sylvia Plath is real and out there creating a body of work that will move us in ways we didn’t know we could emotionally move.

Stay “The True Feminine” you are, anonymous author. Keep on gonging and do not let your beauty define you.