Candice Darden
August 29, 2016 5:47 pm
1frhbc9 / Imgur

From the naturally occurring to man-made, this world is truly full of some nearly unbelievable wonders. Cutting edge technology, incredibly detailed artwork, and color-changing mushrooms are just a few that make up this list of things you won’t believe actually exist. Dive in and enjoy the weird, interesting, and downright fantastic!

1. This well-trained cat.

There’s no way my cat would do all those tricks without treats or a toy to prompt her. Probably not even then.

2. This computer screen only the wearer of these glasses can see.

The ultimate incognito mode.

3. This hummingbird made out of PAPER.

4. This dog with UNBELIEVABLY fast herding skills.

Look at him go!

5. This instant inflatable seating.

6. This rapidly color-changing mushroom.

6. This crow that goes fishing with french fries.

7. This memorial where shadows align perfectly only on Veteran’s Day.

8. These unexpected teeth.

9. These portal mirrors.

Like a glimpse into another dimension.

10. This interactive wall.

11. This whiteboard clock that changes every 5 min.

12. This non-stick ketchup bottle.

You’ll never have to angrily shake your ketchup bottle again!

13. These daytime fireworks.

14. These holograms ON VINYL.

Meshing new tech with old.

15. This genius way to conduct Craigslist sales and transactions.

No more fearing for your safety when you have to meet up with a stranger on Craigslist! (Click through to see all the slides.)

16. This Lego digital clock.


17. This unique business card.

18.This terrifyingly realistic drawing

19. And this car-parking robot.

These would come in handy for parallel parking!