Leonora Epstein
April 06, 2016 12:53 pm
1. That you could just have a bed instead of a desk at work.


2. Or, better yet, paid period vacation leave.

VH1 / giphy.com

3. An alarm that goes off 10 minutes before your period starts.

4. Free menstrual products!

5. And free Advil at every drugstore as long as you just pout and rub your stomach.


6. Being able to loudly declare “I HAVE MY PERIOD!” to your co-workers so no one bothers you for days.

NBC / giphy.com

7. Having an extra work break where you get a full hour to sit and cry over YouTube videos of animals in the middle of the day.

8. Free. On-call. Masseuse.

9. Mandatory nap time.

10. Pants with a built-in heating pad.

11. A card that grants you a free donut for every day of your period.
12. And finally…a cash bonus. Just so you can treat yo self.