It’s actually easier to fall into the category of “tall girl” than you might think. Given that the average height for American women is only 5’5″ tall (this obviously differs depending on which country you live in), that means that anyone above that is considered taller than average.

Personally, I’ve never known a moment where I haven’t been taller than the norm. I hit my growth spurt in middle school and never looked back (though I’m pretty much in a perpetual state of looking down at the rest of the world). Technically, I’m 6′ 1-and-1/2″, but for convenience’s sake it’s easier for me to tell people I’m 6’2″. Am I really that concerned that someone’s going to break out a measuring tape one day? Not so much.There are some benefits to being tall, of course, and I’m definitely not trying to knock all those advantages. But there are absolutely some unique struggles that I face – along with every one of my sisters out there who have never been vertically challenged.

Substantial leg room is a lifelong problem.

Movie theaters, behind the steering wheel in a car, flying on an airplane – these are only some of the places I came up with, but they’re typically notorious for lacking in the space department, especially for those of us who carry our height in our legs. If I ever manage to find a car where I don’t have to adjust the seat too much, it’s like finding the Holy Grail. Will I be able to evacuate passengers during an emergency landing? Sure, if I get to stretch out in the process.

You’ve had to custom order pants, shoes or clothes of some kind because your size is that unique.

If you’re like me, you might be all set in the hips department but then your inseam is too short. Discovering that magical unicorn pair of pants is an automatic ticket to buying at least five pairs in similar colors/washes/etc. And as far as shoes are concerned, good luck if you’re above a size 10. It’s easier to find a cute pair of dress flats these days, but I remember searching long and hard in shoe stores back in the day and being unable to find anything above an 8.

Get used to your feet hanging off every mattress ever.

Now, I’m a side-sleeper – which is exactly what it sounds like. So I tend to curl up on my side, thereby avoiding any potential feet-hanging problems. But I confess that I had to buy an extra-tall mattress the last time I went out shopping for one, and that was where I discovered that extra-tall mattress actually do exist. (Side note: my feet still hang off the bottom of mine.)

Nothing will ever be at your eye level.

Mirrors in public bathrooms are probably the worst offenders. It’s pretty amusing to think about the number of times this has happened to me. In fact, it even happened last weekend, as this photo I took and later posted on my Instagram account illustrates below. Like a vampire, I have become accustomed to never truly glimpsing my own reflection.

You’ve gotten used to the inevitability of bumping your head on things.

Some doorways are just a little too low. For me, moving to New York City was a trial-and-error experience when it came to standing up from a seat on the subway and practically giving myself a concussion on the grab bar above my head. Now, I’ve learned the crouch-and-slide method, but it took some painful lessons in the process.

People always check to see if you’re wearing heels.

One of the most satisfying things in my life is witnessing the look on an unsuspecting bystander’s face when they perform the subtle once-over in an attempt to determine if I’ve got a little extra help in the height department – and then the expression that follows when they figure out I’m not. My balance is pretty crappy on a good day, so wearing heels doesn’t really help out there – but it’s nice to know I’ve given someone a surprise for their day.

You’ve heard all the tall jokes – and then some.

I’ve been asked if I played basketball, volleyball or any other sport in which height plays an advantage. The weather tends to be the exact same for me up here as it is for anyone else. Disclaimer: if someone thinks they’re being original with a height joke, chances are that’s not the first time us tall ladies have heard it.

When you meet someone as tall or taller than you, it’s cause for celebration.

Why? Because tall ladies are awesome! The first time I met a girlfriend who was over six feet tall like me, we hugged multiple times a day just because it was the first non-awkward hug we’d ever had with another human person. But beyond all that, it’s great to see another lady embrace her tallness the way I have, even though it comes with its own set of unique struggles.

And this list is by no means all-inclusive, so if you think of any I’ve forgotten or just want to say hello, hit me up! I’m always down to talk tall girl tactics.

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