Credit: LOIC VENANCE / Getty Images

It’s crazy how there are so many normal, day-to-day things that really sooth our souls. Listening to rain fall and thunderstorms, watching a fire crackle and burn in a fireplace, and watching YouTube videos of The Food Surgeon’s odd yet fascinating food surgeries are all weirdly satisfying to us and we have no complaints whatsoever!

So allow us to introduce you to your newest soul-soothing and satisfying obsession: things melting in macro in SLOW MOTION. And while we’re not saying that watching things that would normally melt under heat (i.e. candles, butter, etc.) isn’t satisfying, watching things like a clock and a calculator melt under some serious high heat is absolutely AMAZING.

OMG! How creepy were the dinosaur and the rubber ducky at the end? That was like straight out of a horror film!

Remember how we mentioned watching normal melt-able food items wasn’t as exciting? Turns out, we were kind of wrong: This video of ice cream melting in macro and slow motion is just as satisfying and mesmerizing.

BRB, going to go watch more of these incredible videos!