Most weddings have an excited couple, more than a few loved ones, a grand send-off, and an ‘I do’ kiss – but Southerners have added their own charm to wedding traditions. We’ve mastered the art of soul food, we usually have fantastic 75˚ (enviable, really) weather, and our wedding receptions are full of syrupy drawls. If you find yourself at nuptials below the Mason-Dixon, you’ll find some extra-special moments: seersucker suits, a buried bottle of bourbon, and a wedding cake with charms baked into it. Although very central to our region, these special Southern wedding traditions are celebrated for very specific reasons. We choose seersucker because it’ll hold off the strong Southern heat. We bury bourbon so that we won’t have to handle so much of that strong Southern heat. And, we pull charms so that our futures will be as lucky and prosperous as the bride and groom’s. What’s your favorite Southern wedding tradition?

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