Jaqueline Mccool
May 24, 2017 2:53 pm

If you’re looking to step up your gift game this Father’s Day but don’t know where to start, here are some original gifts that your dad is bound to love. It does include one tie, but we promise it’s a special one. Shop our picks below and check this off your to-do list:

1For the bookworm dad

Courtesy of The Book of Everyone

This is a super cool, customizable book that lets you fill the pages with all of your dad’s favorite things. It’s personal, sweet, and will be cherished by your dad for years to come.

Get it here for $29.95

2For the dad who never misses a meeting

Courtesy of Etsy

This watch is the perfect gift for the always prompt dad in your life. The option to customize with a personalized engraved message gives it that extra thoughtful touch.

Get it here for $68.99

3For the always-dapper dad

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This bow tie is perfect for the dad who loves a fashion risk. It’s a twist on a classic dad look, and your dad will appreciate you helping to up his style game.

Get it here for $38.00

4For the musically inclined dad

Courtesy of Etsy

This personalized pick is perfect for the dad doubling as the musician in your family. The sweet message will make him feel even more loved on his special day.

Get it here for $24.00

5For the dad who loves to cook

Courtesy of Amazon

This gift is perfect if your dad is a little indecisive when it comes to cooking. The foodie dice are a fun way for your dad to mix up mealtime.

Get it here for $24.00

6For the adventurous dad

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This collapsible, portable hammock is perfect for the adventure-seeking father. Your dad is sure to thank and think of you on his next camping trip when he’s lying in his hammock, taking in the stars.

Get it here for $60.00

7For the handy dad

Courtesy of Amazon

This personalized hammer is a great gift for a dad who is there to hang every photo and put together every piece of Ikea furniture. You can keep the quote above or customize your own inscription. Either way your dad is sure to cherish this special gift.

Get it here for $43.25

No matter which gift you choose — even if you just give him a card — we know you’ll make your dad’s day.