Karen Belz
Updated January 09, 2017 8:56 am
Cosmopolitan / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BP7SjmwFf2I

Ever see a breakfast that was just too cute to eat? If not, then you obviously haven’t seen these work-of-art unicorn pancakes, which were recently featured on Cosmopolitan‘s YouTube page. Seriously, they’re making us realize that regular circular pancakes are a total thing of the past.

Pancake art is the perfect craft for a snowy Saturday morning in, especially if you have kids. Besides the normal ingredients, like pancake mix, eggs, and milk, you’ll also need some gel food coloring to make your breakfast truly pop.

The folks at Cosmopolitan put their colors into plastic squeeze bottles, which helps accuracy a bit. Obviously, these pancake designs are ideal for anyone with a steady hand. But with a bit of practice, anyone can master the art of pancakery.

Just watch this ordinary unicorn turns into a glorious pancake:

Pretty darn cute. In fact, it looks like something very slightly inspired by Lisa Frank. (But, perhaps that’s just the hot pink hair talking.) It definitely doesn’t look like a pancake, that’s for sure.

Paige Russell, who made pancakes in the shape of school supplies for an Instructables demonstration, advises using a variety of different squeeze bottles for pancake art — preferably bottles with thinner metal tips. She also recommends getting your colors in order first, once you find inspiration.

The unicorn is the perfect way to start since there aren’t too many colors used — just black for the outline, gray for the shadowing, and pink for the hair. The rest looks like it’s just straight, ordinary pancake batter, perhaps with a bit of yellow added in for brightness.

You’ll definitely want to stock up on pancake supplies before the next snowfall this season! It’s the perfect way to get a little creative.