P. Claire Dodson
December 18, 2016 11:26 am

We all know teachers are worth way, way more than their salaries might suggest. But this one teacher deserves a huge raise after using rap to teach elementary school kids about math.

A recent video on Reddit shows a girl busting a move and then going through the steps of long division on the class white board while her classmates rap a seriously memorable song that helps her complete the problem. Here’s how it goes: “Divide, multiply, subtract, bring it on down and bring it on back.” And just like that, she’s easily solved 312 divided by 2 using long division.

That teacher is Florida fourth-grade instructor Nadine Ebri, who helped her class turn the lesson into a song. “I hope that this video shows teachers the importance of relating to students, especially in an urban community,” Ebri told The Huffington Post. “There is a difference between being ‘bad’ and simply being ‘bored.’ Most students are bored with the traditional way of teaching, causing them to act out in class.”

These kinds of memory devices are already proven to help us learn about things like history and pop culture, but it’s especially great to see them applied to STEM, an area where the U.S. struggles to encourage young people to pursue. We sure wish our teachers had used rapping and dancing to make math even marginally more fun.

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