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We all love junk food, right? Or probably many of us do. Now, these islands are making junk food illegal, The Guardian reported, and, tbh, their reasoning makes sense.

Some say junk food is bad for you, others think junk food is not bad for you. However, these islands have a case for wanting it gone.

Torba province, a group of South Pacific islands and part of Vanuatu, hopes to be junk-food free one day soon, reported Refinery29. Instead, they want the locals to eat locally made foods. We hear that!

“At the moment, we have an infiltration of junk food from overseas,” said Father Luc Dini, a community leader and head of the local tourism council, according to The Guardian. “It is easy to boil noodles or rice, but they have almost no nutritional value and there is no need to eat imported food when we have so much local food grown organically on our islands.”

Hear ye, hear ye! Why not eat locally grown — and healthy — food?!

What are those locally grown foods, you may wonder? They include items such as fish and shellfish to pineapple and yams. Meanwhile, the most popular imported foods include rice, sweets, tinned fish, and biscuits, Dini said.

Ah-ha! Now we get it even more so.

As a result of Dini’s reasoning, starting this week, tourism bungalows there are to only serve guests locally grown, organic food. Within the next two years, Dini would like ~all~ foreign food to be banned.

And, by 2020, Torba would like to be Vanuatu’s first organic province.

In-te-rest-ing, huh?

It’s yet to be determined how locals and visitors will react, though Dini said the central government in Port Vila is supportive of his plan. While we get why Dini wants to ban junk food, we also don’t know how we’d survive without pizza and donuts. Who’s with us?!