Kenya Foy
January 10, 2017 10:46 am
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This guy’s wedding party just took fast food obsession to a new hilarious level. According to Mashable, a man named Chen Guanyou and his groomsmen dressed as McDonald’s menu items for his big day, and we absolutely love the wedding day wackiness.

While participating in the Chinese tradition of marching to the home of his bride Joanna Tan, Chen opted to show everyone how he is shamelessly addicted to eating McDonald’s by sporting a custom Ronald McDonald costume, complete with the famous curly red wig.

Apparently, he knows his way around a sewing machine because he also made each of the fast food-themed looks that were worn by his wedding attendants.

Yeah, we’re impressed as well. Not only is this gesture wildly creative, it likely kept Chen’s groomsmen from breaking the bank just to participate in their friend’s wedding, which means MORE MCDONALD’S FOR EVERYONE (we know it’s way more expensive to be a bridesmaid than a groomsman, but still). For the record, Tan and her bridesmaids wore traditional dresses.

So, just when we were envisioning gaggles of guests stuffing their faces on a magnificent McDonald’s buffet, what Chen said about Tan’s attitude towards fast food set the stage to stop our festive food fantasy in its tracks.

Well, that gives us hope that Chen managed to at least work some chicken nuggets onto the wedding reception menu. Either way, his McDonald’s love was well-represented during the wedding.

Love it. Who else thinks McDonald’s should give Chen a year’s worth of free food as a wedding present?