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So, it might just be Wednesday morning, but in our eyes, it’s the perfect time for a baby animal break. Today, let’s talk about the brand new baby elephant that was born at the Dallas Zoo. And let’s never stop talking about the baby elephant that was born at the Dallas Zoo, because it’s too adorable and will never become stale news.

The elephant is named Ajabu, and he’s a baby boy. Mlilo, his mom, seems more than proud over her little offspring. As she should — this little guy is like a real life Dumbo. And for elephants, that should be seen as a high compliment.

Ajabu is attempting a handstand here, and he’s almost got it.

This shot is pretty much like a computer desktop background waiting to happen. How can you have a bad day at work when a baby elephant is smiling at you.

Oh, did we mention that Ajabu’s hair looks super red in the sun? Because it does, and it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Ajabu is only 5-months-old, and he’s actually a rescue. His Mom was originally located in Swaziland, but based on the pretty severe droughts, she was located to Dallas and then successfully gave birth to her young.

Pictures aren’t doing it for you? Here’s a video of Ajabu in action:

Of course, the Dallas Zoo is ecstatic about Ajabu’s arrival for multiple reasons. (Cuteness is just one of the many.)

While tiny by elephant standards, Ajabu is approximately 175 pounds, and growing every day. For those of you in Dallas, he’s definitely worth visiting! For the rest of us? Well, we’ll just keep watching that video over and over again.