Margaret Eby
Updated Jan 12, 2015 @ 1:35 pm

Since last week’s tragic and shocking attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, millions of people have rallied to support the magazine and the free speech rights it stood for. But some of the loudest advocates for Charlie Hebdo are comedians.

In the wake of the attacks, Tina Fey, Louis C.K., and Conan O’Brien all spoke out about the tragedy. It makes sense that it would hit home especially for the people who, like the editors of Charlie Hebdo, are always questioning social norms, pushing just to the brink of (and sometimes over the brink of) offensive in order to get a laugh or make a point. And now, another comic stalwart has voiced their support for the magazine’s staff.

On Sunday night, The Simpsons inserted a subtle tribute to Charlie Hebdo, quick enough that you might have missed it. Just after the last scene, the show put up a sketch of little Maggie Simpson standing in front of a red, white, and blue background, waving a “Je Suis Charlie” flag in solidarity. Check it out: