Meanwhile in Brazil, a cat was arrested for breaking into a prison in Alagoas state. He took the leap and smuggled all the makings of a do-it-yourself escape kit into the prison, including drill bits, files and a mobile phone. Why, cat? WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THING? All of these items were strapped to his body with tape. I’m not sure who had it worse removing the tape: the cat or the prison officials. He would have had better luck hiding the goods under a stylish coat.

It’s believed the cat was raised in the prison by inmates, as he was often spotted coming and going from the building. Previous famous animal offenders include parrots who squawked warnings if the police were near, and pigeons who smuggled objects and served as spies.

Can we paws for a second? This is a cat-astrophe. It’s paws-itively shocking. But, it’s the purr-fect crime. I’d be lion if I said it wasn’t! Okay, sorry. Meow back to the story.

I have so many questions. What is the cat’s name? Did they take his pawprints? Can a cat be summoned to court as a witness? Is he friends with the equally sneaky Ikea Monkey? Most importantly, how many attempts did it take to get a cat to follow orders?

Here’s my favorite part of this story:

Says prison spokesperson Estado de S. Paulo, “It’s tough to find out who’s responsible for the action as the cat doesn’t speak.”

You don’t say!

In all seriousness, the cat is now safely at a local animal center, thank goodness. Cats are four-legged friends, not accessories to crimes. Let’s hope he can move on from his delinquent past!

Featured image via ShutterStock