Cats have a reputation as being a tad more discriminating than dogs, and pet owners who have had experience with both species will tell you that cats are indeed harder to please. Um…until now. All us to introduce you to the most unimpressed dog in the world.


This glorious photo was posted on Reddit by user shahrya5, and while we have no clue what the exact circumstances are surrounding the pic, we think it’s nothing short of epic. The look on the dog’s face, guys! It sort of seems like this poor dog has been dragged on a vacation to the Grand Canyon when he just wants to be at home asleep on his dog bed. It might be one of the most spectacular places in the entire country, but whatevs. Spot just wants a nap. Or maybe he’s car sick after the long journey. Perhaps he just has an inherent loathing for selfies. Whatever the case may be, we love this dog. This dog is the bomb.

Other Reddit users seem to think so, too. Especially Haikuwoot, who has taken the liberty of inserting the dog’s pic into other spectacular places that leave him unimpressed.

Like the international space station.


And the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


And the Great Sphinx of Giza.


Even raising the flag on Iwo Jima doesn’t impress this dog.


The dog might not be impressed, but we are.

Laughing forever.

[Images via Reddit.]