Karen Belz
Updated Aug 14, 2017 @ 2:54 pm

We all know what kittens looks like — they’re tiny, fluffy, and perfect for cuddling. That’s why when photos came out of a curly-haired kitten, the internet felt a little confused. And of course, intrigued. After all, it’s somewhat of a rarity.

It all started after a post of an orange kitten went viral on Twitter. The kitten in question was later identified as being a Selkirk Rex, a breed that originated based on one very special shelter kitty. Way back in 1987, a cat named Miss DePesto arrived at a shelter in Montana. After being adopted by a breeder, Miss DePesto mated with a Persian cat, and had kittens which all had her curly locks. false

Thus, a new breed was born. Many people today were unaware that a kitten could be so textured, but after the orange cat above went viral, others shared photos of their own Selkirk Rex cats and kittens.

And nobody complained, because — kittens.


Now? Everyone is obsessed.

And they likely checked on Instagram for more cute cat photos. Luckily, #selkirkrex has over 50,000 results, so cat-lovers can make a whole day out of it.

According to VetStreet, the Selkirk Rex typically has an incredible personality. They’re known as being affectionate, cuddly, and good for therapy. They also noted that with this breed, the curly coat is a dominant trait, and many of these cats even have curly whiskers.

So, while the Selkirk Rex isn’t a new breed, it’s one that not everyone is familiar with. Until now. And we’re just saying, if we happen to see one of these fellas at the shelter, we’d be pretty quick to give him a home…along with our other cats.