Caitlin Gallagher
Updated November 21, 2016

IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN. Just like #TheDress, we now have flip flops that no one can tell the color of, thanks to an image shared on Twitter. Are the shoes gold and white? Are the shoes blue and dark blue? The better question may be: Will this madness ever end?!

If you need a refresher of the history of this viral sensation, the infamous dress was shared on Tumblr in February 2015 and people had differing opinions if it was gold and white or blue and black. A year later, the same phenomenon happened again with a white and blue or black and brown Adidas jacket.

This time, the color confusion is over a pair of Havaianas flip flops shared by Twitter user @positivedemi.


Based on comments on the photo shared by Havaianas U.S. Facebook page, variations people are seeing are gold and white, gold and blue, and black and blue.

As this is the same issue as the dress, the different colors people are seeing can be explained by the magic of SCIENCE!

While there is a right answer to what color the flip flops are, it doesn’t mean you’re wrong if you see a different color combination. That’s because it’s all how your brain interprets the background colors. Not to mention, there’s the trickery of the lighting in these specific brain-teasing photos.

So, what color are the flip flops? Do you think your brain can handle the answer?

Well, if you see gold and white or lighter variations, your brain has duped you because both BuzzFeed and Huffington Post have confirmed that the flip flops are blue and dark blue.


No matter what color you saw, embrace this little distraction. Because isn’t controversy over flip flops better than most of the world’s other troubles?