Rachel Paige
April 06, 2016 9:34 am

When you think of #FountainGoals, you probably think about the Friends‘ fountain, right? Look at it. It’s so big, and round, and perfect to splash around in with all your friends.


This fountain is seen at the beginning of every single Friends‘ episode, all 236 of them. Since Friends takes place in New York City, we’re lead to believe, and not told otherwise during the run of the show, that the fountain is located in New York City. Many tourists to NYC believe the Friends fountain is the Cherry Hill fountain in Central Park, but that’s not true. These fountains are not the same.

NBC, Gigi_NYC/Flickr

The fountain actually lives on the Warner Bros. Ranch back lot in Burbank, California. This is where the opening credits sequence was shot, and yeah, it totally gives off the impression that these six friends are hanging out in NYC, chilling on a Friday night, playing in this fountain with umbrellas, like all good friends do.

But now strip away Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe, and the fountain isn’t so exciting anymore. Neither is what’s in the background, because during the day, suddenly the buildings don’t look like NYC so much anymore, huh? They look more European, turn-of-the-century townhouses.

Well, it turns out that this fountain isn’t supposed to be in any sort of NYC setting whatsoever, and the European look and feel suddenly makes a little bit more sense. The fountain is situated in front of a row of building facades known as “Park Boulevard” that are modeled after — wait for it — Boston, Massachusetts.

Warner Bros.

The buildings behind it are supposed to be townhouses, found around Boston’s Beacon Hill and Boston’s park, Boston Common. High chance this fountain on the Warner Bros. Ranch was actually modeled after Brewer Fountain, right by the Massachusetts State House.

wilsx4/Flickr, Mass Travel/Flickr, Ryan Sims/Flickr

SO FRIENDS, the Friends fountain is really supposed to be in Boston. And now it feels like a majority of stuff in my life has been a lie.