There’s been a lot of extreme weather these days – signs of global warming, most likely. Not good for us, but good for the meteorologists who cover it. That’s why this installment of ‘The Exploration of Unemployment’ is about how cool it would be to be a weather girl.

I know, I know, so many people go to school for journalism and meteorology in hopes of one day making it at least on the local news, let alone the national news, and there aren’t that many jobs available. But I went to high school with someone who did make it, so it’s not impossible! Anyway, that’s not my point. My point is, how cool would it be to be the meteorologist and get to go out into the storm to report all the exciting, slightly scary happenings!? We’ve had some crazy weather locally this fall/winter (anybody remember a little storm called, Hurricane Sandy?) and our local weather men and women were out on the front lines standing in wind, rain and hail, making sure we got our information. I don’t really know why the networks send them out INTO these storms, but dang if it ain’t cool to see the footage. We also get A TON of snow where I’m from and ice storms, massive snow storms and poor travel conditions are the norm. But on the nightly news, you’ll still see a bundled up weather guy out there in the midst of the flurries reporting that it is, in fact, snowing like crazy.

The meteorologists who work for national networks even get to travel all over the country to cover weird and extreme weather. My personal favorite, Ginger Zee on ABC goes ALL over to get the story. She zoomed up through the ranks, making a name for herself and gaining the national job quickly (she’s only 31!), and there’s a reason for it., she’s fantastic! She was recently in Boston reporting on the snow storm a few weeks ago, out down by the waterfront with a yardstick, a winter coat, and a smile on her face because her job is just that cool. She always looks like she’s having a good time, even in some crazy storms. Plus, she’s quite the daredevil and shares some of her adventures on Good Morning America.

Meteorologists get to do all sorts of strange and extreme, adrenaline junkie type things all in the name of science. Plus, they usually look like they’re having fun. Who wouldn’t want to get paid for that? Also, is there any other job on the entire planet Earth where you could be so completely wrong and not get fired? I don’t think there is. Oh, a giant snowstorm that was supposed to hit this weekend never happens. Forget it. A huge heat wave is predicted, might lead to drought and then it rains all week. It’s cool, no worries. I know it’s not an exact science, and weather patterns move and change or dissipate, but still…come on, guys!

All I’m saying is, it seems like a pretty cool thing to do. I know for the most part, they’re in the studio tracking the storms and standing in front of green screens. But, when those extreme weather fronts hit, the possibilities for adventure are endless.

Featured image via Shutterstock