Daryl Lindsey
March 01, 2017 12:05 pm

If you haven’t seen the viral video of kids doing an impossibly amazing dance/introductory theme song in the 1980s, you need to watch it now. You also need to watch those same kids recreate the video as adults.

The video of the Pink Windmill kids, which first aired July 13, 1984, featured the kids enthusiastically introducing themselves with some impressive dance moves. The video went viral last December when it re-surfaced, as it was always destined to do, into the public spotlight.

The kids (except for Spencer, who cited a prior commitment for not being able to attend) got together – on an impressively similar set to the 1984 version, I might add – to re-create the iconic video. They did so in partnership with Comic Relief, a charity that aims to use comedy to help raise money for different causes all over the world.

Here is the iconic original.

Let’s watch that one more time.

And here is the updated version.

As you can see, even 33 years later, the Pink Windmill Kids DEFINITELY still got it.