Want to know who was hanging out, down the street just recently? None other than Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, and Wilmer Valderrama, together again for a perfect That 70s Show reunion.

Friday night, Kutcher shared a photo on his Instagram of the three guys together with the caption, “Fam.” It’s amazing to see these three still hanging out after all these years. If you can believe it, That ’70s Show started airing back in 1998. It went off the air back in 2006 — that’s almost ten years ago! But, the show has lived on in our hearts — and thanks to the fact that for a while you could find a block of episodes every day of the week on TV, and also now on Netflix. The ’70s might be done and over with, but the show is staying put.

Valderrama posted a similar picture to his Instagram, once again with the caption, “Family.” Kelso, Fez and Hyde, together forever.

It appears as if these three met up and hung out at a bar, and not in Eric Foreman’s basement, which is probably for the best. It’s a shame Eric couldn’t make it himself, and Donna and Jackie, too. But, the That ’70s Show reunions live on elsewhere, too, like the simple fact that Kelso and Jackie are MARRIED in real life. On top of that, Kutcher and Masterson are teaming up themselves for a new Netflix show. This means, the That ’70s Show reunions will continue on, and on, and on….

Yeah, these guys are still all alright.

(Image via Fox.)