Kit Steinkellner
Updated December 17, 2014 10:34 am

Did you open up Instagram recently and go “WHAT? NEW FILTERS!” Did you say this really loudly in public and have lots of strangers turn around and stare at you? No? Just me?

In any event, we DO have five new filters on Instagram (Merry Early Christmas, Selfie-Takers!). It’s the first time we’ve gotten new filters in TWO years, and, as the Insta blog tells us, the purpose of these new filters is to ” . . . soften and subtly shift colors to achieve the look and feel you want for each photo.” To celebrate, let’s embark on an epic quest through these untested filters together.

My dog Harvey is going to help us out by testing all five of these new filters for us. (Note: this is the only time in the history of ever Harvey has sat still for a snapshot, so clearly figuring out these new filters is as important to him as it is to you and me.)

Harvey Unfiltered

(This is Harvey in his completely unfiltered state, he is so young and sheltered and naive and knows nothing of the ways of X-Pro II and Lo-Fi.)

Now let’s get Harvey all Insta’d up with some new filters:

Harvey in “Slumber”

This is like if my dog lived his life inside a Super-8 camera. He’s just so muted and ’70’s cool. My dog is basically Annie Hall and I’m completely Ok with that.

Harvey in “Crema”

Sharpening things up a little bit there, my little Harvest! Crema seems like a great #OOTD (Outfit of the Day, newbs!) look. Like, you REALLY get that someone applied their cat eye perfectly with this filter. So if my dog ever becomes a fashion blogger, we will be using “Crema” on the regular.

Harvey in “Ludwig”

This is just such a warm, pretty filter. Like a less cracked-out version of Lo-Fi/X-Pro II (and I LOVE those filters, you guys, so when I say they are CRACKED, I say it with love). Ludwig feels like EXACTLY the filter to use this holiday season while capturing cookie-baking and tree-decorating so that you make it clear to everyone on Instagram that your fam/friends/sweetheart/pet are better than theirs.

Harvey in “Aden”

Is it possible for something to be kind of sharp but also kind of washed out at the same time? Questions like these are probably why I’m not a photographer. In any event, this feels like a good road trip/hanging out in nature filter. Harvey just got really excited when I typed “hanging out in nature” because he thinks that means we’re going for a walk. Oh, dogs!

Harvey in “Perpetua”

I seriously have no idea why they named this filter “Perpetua,” or, to be honest, why they named these filters any of the names they named them, but I like it! This filter could almost pass for unfiltered. So you should use this filter when you’re trying to get away with #NoFilter because who will ever know? You and Instagram will take that secret to the grave.

A couple of other fun things to note about the new and improved Insta:

-Now you can manage your filters by arranging the order, putting the ones you use most up top (front of the line, Valencia!).

-Also, now, the app shows tiny preview of the photo you’re actually using instead of that dumb hot air balloon. #winning

Have fun playing with your new and improved Instagram! Harvey did.