Natalia Lusinski
March 25, 2017 4:44 pm

As you know, flirting with someone on a dating app is one thing, but flirting with them IRL is a whole other. Now, the sparkly tentacles on this dating device supposedly help you flirt in person, reported Mashable. Wait — what?!

It’s called Ripple, and it’ll let you know who’s interested in you. Think of it like your wingman — or wingwoman — and let it do the work for you.

If you’re having trouble trying to picture what this could possibly look like, we’ve got you covered.


We know, we know, why does it look like she’s wearing tentacles on her shoulders?! They’re like a flirt barometer. Designed for women, the “tentacles” are actually more like wings that you slide over your shoulders. Then, the gadget uses two cameras to sense who’s checking you out. It assesses who’s interested in you depending on how they look at you. Is it just us, or are we now like some kind of secret agent?!

So where does the “ripple” come into play?!

If someone’s interested in you, you’ll feel a ripple up your back. When you face the person, you’ll feel a tap in your chest as your clue that this is the person. And if you’re into them, too, the tentacles move. This increases “the flirty language between two people,” the Ripple designers say. And when you and another person make eye contact, the device warms up (!). So high-tech!

You can see the device in action here.

Though it definitely seems like an interesting and creative idea, we’re not sure how many people we’ll see wearing this flirting device. It is pretty, though, so maybe onlookers will think it’s a fancy part of our shirt or dress.

In any case, it’s a great reminder that we should still try to meet people offline, too, not just while hidden behind our laptops and phones. There’s nothing wrong with going the old-fashioned route — you see someone IRL, and if you’re feelin’ it, you’re feelin’ it. #DatingGoals, amirite?!