Bridey Heing
May 12, 2015 10:04 am

If you’ve never seen the “Teens React” videos by the Fine Brothers, you are missing out on some serious reality check/nostalgia. The YouTube series features teens responding to all kinds of pop culture news, issues and gadgets. But really, our favorite videos from the batch are teens reacting to anything retro—from ’90s Internet to ’80s fashion. Basically, they’re confounded by the primitive way humans lived two or three decades ago—when cell phones were the size of bricks and video games sounded like heartbeat monitors.

Witness the latest video, “Teens React to ’90s Handheld Games.” Way back when, nothing was cooler than Tiger’s handheld games. They were the cutting edge! Apparently, they don’t hold up. Despite obviously having fun (because how can you not while playing Jurassic Park),  teens are not totally feeling Tiger’s games. “You’d think older games in technology would be easier, but, dang, that was hard,” commented one player. Another said: “I don’t like how it just beeps at you!”

Yeah, those beeps. Forgot about that.

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