Sammy Nickalls
November 26, 2015 11:18 am

Mackenzie Berry wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for one woman. And Mackenzie was determined to track down that woman and give her the thanks she deserves.

Mackenzie, now 17, was just seven when the car her dad was driving collided with another vehicle. She remembered a woman pulling her out of the fiery wreckage and carrying her to safety. Her father passed away during that car accident in Canada, and Mackenzie thinks she would have too if it weren’t for this mystery woman who so valiantly saved her life.

“She saved my life,” Mackenze told CBC.

So she decided to find the name of her angel. First, she called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), but there were no names of first-responders on the record. She also contacted the hospital where she was taken after the accident, but they didn’t have a name, either. So she decided to turn to something entirely different than official records: Facebook.

“Today I am reaching out to you in hopes that you can help me find a missing angel,” Mackenzie wrote in a Facebook post, along with a picture of her and her father from over a decade ago. “. . . I would love to simply thank her. No amount of gratitude can ever be shown to express how deeply I have characterized her brave actions she gave forth. . . I have carried her in my heart ever since, no amount of words could ever thank her. But I would like to inform her of how deep my gratitude is.”

Facebook was her last hope, and her post was quickly shared thousands of times. After just three hours, she found her angel: Jeana Kelly.

Jeana had been driving her teen daughter, Chelsea, and a friend to a mountain for a day of snowboarding when they came across the crash; they were the first people there. “It was really cold that day, probably minus 25, the wind was blowing like crazy,” Jeana told CBC. “She was cut up pretty bad. She had lots of glass cuts on her from all the shattered glass. She kept telling me, ‘I think my daddy’s dead. I think my daddy’s dead.'”

Jeana knew she couldn’t leave Mackenzie where she was, and she was determined to get her out of the vehicle. “I just, kind of, took my hand under her legs and my hand behind her back and lifted her up in the sitting position and put her in the back of my vehicle so she would stay warm,” Jeana told CBC.

As she waited for other emergency crews to come, she turned her attention to other injured people involved in the crash. Later on, she went to the hospital to make sure Mackenzie’s family was notified — but she never found out Mackenzie’s name, nor did the police take her name. “It was just one of those things, you know, you don’t ever know how things turn out,” she told CBC. “It was in the back of my mind for a long time.”

It was Chelsea who discovered the Facebook post and realized Mackenzie was searching for her mother. “I was scrolling through my news feed one night before bed,” Chelsea told CBC. “My heart started racing, I knew right away who she was. I was speechless. I was panicking. I knew right away it was us she was looking for.”

The two now plan to meet. Mackenzie has found her angel, and Jeana has found the little girl she saved so many years ago. And according to Jeana, she’s quite confident that the reunion will be “nothing but joyous happiness.” We can only agree.

(Image via Facebook.)