Kenya Foy
September 20, 2016 8:06 am
Steinar La Engeland/Unsplash

Whenever we hear of a missing person’s report, it’s typically met with a reaction of concern – except when the individual in question isn’t actually missing at all. Such was the case with Australian teen Erian Thompson, who posted a hilarious Facebook response to authorities that reported her missing, The Daily Dot reports.

Determined to crack the case, Queensland Police took to their social media page to put out a call for the supposedly missing 17-year-old, writing, “Can you help us find a missing 17-year-old girl from Carindale?” The post was accompanied by a note that described the family as “worried for her welfare” along with a photo of a smiling Thompson, who eventually solved the case with perhaps the most typical teen response ever.

Ugh. We could only imagine how annoying is it to argue with your pesky sister only to have your recovery chill sesh interrupted by a bogus missing person’s report.


The original post was eventually removed after Carindale pleaded with police to remove it because it was totally embarrassing.

Police eventually complied and updated their original post to let everyone know Thompson had been located.

Let this be a lesson to anyone who’s tempted to flip out when they’re reported missing, but legit aren’t: Don’t panic. Just hop on Facebook and tell police to chill TF out, then continue being unbothered like the queen of IDGAFness.