Cosmopolitan recently gave three love gurus their own YouTube segment, and they might be the best sources of romantic advice ever. Their names are Nina, Lulu, and Judith and, by the way, they’re all under six-years-old.

The trio teamed up to help some twenty-something guys with their relationship problems in a hilarious video called “Little Girls Give Guys Texting Advice.” For the record, yes, the girls are technically little, but their personalities are huge. They talk to three dudes in the video: Cory, Christian, and Ramy.

Ramy’s plight stuck out because his issue is a very universal one: His crush won’t text back poor Ramy for two days at a time. “How do I tell her it’s a problem?” he asks the three wise-girls.

“Just say ‘problem,’” Nina responds within literally a millisecond. Duh! Don’t just stew in your negative feelings: Let your love interest know her texting habits bring you grief.

If a ladyfriend still isn’t returning your messages? Lulu suggests texting her, “words,” which sounds like pretty solid advice to me. Of course, Ramy needs some specifics, and inquires further about these so-called words.

Nina tells him to write, “I like your hair.” That might be the wisest, most useful advice ever to be uttered. Virtually anyone would love to receive a text that compliments their hair. This should be a Valentine you give out every day of the year:

Nina, Lulu, and Judith are not interested in beating around the bush. They think it’s best to be forward yet honest in your texts:

These mini geniuses were brutal in their advising, but Corey, Christian, and Ramy definitely learned a lot:

Check out the full, adorably educational video here.

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