This teddy bear is helping raise a baby sloth and our hearts are melting

Meet Edward. Edward is a 7-week-old baby sloth, and he’s all kinds of adorable. His mom is unable to take care of him because she stopped producing milk (sniffle), but no worries. He’s being well cared for by zookeepers at the London Zoo, who feed him goat’s milk from a bottle.

But sloths can’t live on milk alone! Babies need cuddling. Lots a lots of cuddling. And what makes for better cuddles than a giant, uber fluffy teddy bear?

We know, you guys. We know. This is just heart-wrenchingly adorable. But the bear serves an actual purpose. When sloths are babies, they spend loads of time hanging and climbing on their moms. While it might just look like two adorbs animals hanging out (literally), all that clutching onto one another actually builds muscles. Muscles that are super important since adult sloths spend nearly every moment of their lives hanging in trees. Since Edward’s mom isn’t around, his teddy is more than happy to do the job.

For his part, Edward seems perfectly chill with the situation.

Motherless or not, something tells us Edward will be just fine.

Take a look at him in action with his bear here: