Marissa Higgins
Updated September 02, 2016
weedezign /

If you’re someone who loves Facebook Messenger for keeping in touch with friends and loved ones, we’re willing to bet you’re about to be super pumped. Facebook Messenger is now allowing users to send videos back and forth to one another right in the Facebook Messenger app.

As Emma Cueto explains over at Bustle, the updated feature seems really simple to use. If both you and your friend are in Facebook Messenger at the same time, you’ll have the option to use “Instant Video” on your screen. Then, just as you would in any other social media video sharing app, like Vimeo or Snapchat, you can send a quick video to your friend, right within your Messenger box.


This is super useful if you’re chatting about something and realize it’s easier to just show them (like whether or not you should buy an outfit, for example). It’s also excellent if you’re watching something hilarious go down because, come on, sometimes you just have to be there to get the humor.

A Facebook post introducing the new feature in Facebook Messenger explains, “Instant Video allows you to share regular parts of everyday life with the people you care about most. Sometimes you just want to ask a friend’s opinion on a pair of shoes you want to buy, weigh in on what ice cream flavor they should bring home, or see their reaction to your witty message, when you’re in a place where you can’t talk live (like a meeting — don’t tell anyone!)”

While we’re not necessarily advocating for you to use work time to send hilarious videos to your friends, we’re just letting you know that the option is now available via Facebook Messenger. Always good to know, right?