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So we knew that the Apple Watch could help us get healthy (it essentially doubles as a Fitbit). But we didn’t know that the Apple Watch could save us from atrial fibrillation — aka, a scary silent killer.

For those who don’t know (which definitely included us), heart disease is the leading cause of death in America, and atrial fibrillation (or aFib) is a major factor. aFib essentially means that your heart quivers instead of beats, making it harder for it to pump blood efficiently through your body. However, your heart still works well enough for most people not to notice — until a blood clot forms, heads to the brain, and causes a stroke. (According to, aFib is responsible for 15-20% of all strokes).

And this is where your Apple Phone comes in.

The team behind the Apple Watch app Cardiogram joined up with researchers at the University of San Francisco, and found that the app was able to detect aFib 97% of the time. Not only is this pretty incredible, but it could replace the current, way more invasive method of testing for aFib (which entails “resetting” your heart through drugs or an electrical impulse). This means faster diagnosis, faster treatment, and more lives saved.

So if you have an Apple Watch, you may want to think about getting that Cardiogram app!