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Krista Jensen
October 10, 2016 1:42 pm

Remember when you’d host a house party and inevitably come back to a gross Facebook status having been posted for you by your friends? Well, imagine that totally embarrassing moment, but even worse. Turns out there’s a super simple iPhone hack that could let just about anyone post, text, call and update on your behalf from your phone even when your phone is locked. The hack is common and easy to achieve, which is creepy and totally not cool.

So how does it happen? Easy.

The trick relies on everyone’s favorite helpful lady robot: Siri. Even in locked mode, anyone can hold down the Home button to give Siri a message to post text or send from your phone via a verbal command. Calls can even be made, which is especially threatening considering that your name will pop up on the caller ID for whoever is on the receiving end. This simple trick gets creepier when we realize how often and how easily we text someone our private info. Hackers could text your mom for credit card info, or a spouse for security details. Once you start to realize what this loophole could mean to a clever dirtbag if you, say, leave your phone unattended at a bar, this silly hack gets petty scary.

Thankfully, just as easily as this prank is committed there is a way to prevent it.

According to Rob LeFebvre at CultofMac.com, “Tap on the Settings app on your iPhone, and then tap on the General button. Scroll down to Passcode Lock and enter your passcode after you tap it. Scroll down again, and you’ll see the section title, ‘Allow Access When Locked.’ You can toggle Siri to OFF here with a quick tap.”

Double down on your security with this move.

Of course this does also lock you out from using Siri while your phone is locked, but don’t forget that you know your passcode and are allowed to get inside your own phone. Your phone’s contents will once again be visible to a sole party of one.

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