Sarah Terry
Updated Sep 20, 2016 @ 2:45 pm
Credit: Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is best known for their dirty language and hilarious cards that create the kind of card game that gets everybody laughing. But Cards Against Humanity has also taken an important step towards helping get more women into STEM careers. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and these are all lucrative, growing fields that need more women in them.

Cards Against Humanity is offering a college scholarship for a woman who study STEM topics, and we are breaking out our beakers.

Credit: Cards Against Humanity

This program is a renewal of the Science Ambassador Scholarship that the racy card company offered last year. According to Endgadget, they will be offering a full-ride college tuition scholarship to a woman who studies a topic in a STEM field. Currently, these fields are currently very male-dominated.

The scholarship application requires a “mini lecture” video, because they are looking for an “ambassador in their field.”

The above video is from last year’s winner, Sona Dadhania, who is SO engaging and adorable. She is now studying Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.

The scholarship is not only looking for brains and qualifications, but also for someone who can really speak to their subject, which is pretty unique for a scholarship application. The scholarship’s application says that the student should deliver their video “as if you are teaching or lecturing an audience.” That’s challenging, but also great preparation for young women in STEM, because many of those subjects require talks and lectures. The scholarship will select ten finalists, and those finalists will be asked to submit further materials.

The scholarship is funded by the “Science Pack,” an expansion pack for the Cards Against Humanity game.
Credit: Cards Against Humanity

According to the scholarship page, the Science Pack has already raised $976,000+, which is awesome! The scholarship will be judged by 60 women working in the field at companies like NASA, JPL, and Harvard Medical School.

This scholarship sounds like an awesome opportunity, and we’re excited to see the awesome ladies that come out of it!