Karen Belz
September 20, 2016 1:49 pm
Innomdle Lab / www.kickstarter.com

Have you ever wanted to make a phone call with your fingers? Well, now you have the chance. Meet Sgnl, the strap that allows you to make calls simply by putting your finger close to your ear.

Sounds insane, right? Well, check for yourself. Here’s the Sgnl in action.

The Sgnl eliminates the need for a headset, which is good — since we’ve lost plenty of those. (But fingers? We’re still currently in stock.)

ABC / giphy.com

The product comes out of Innomdle Lab, a company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. (For the record, Innomdle actually means “dudes” in Korean.) CEO Hyunchul Choi developed the main product after winning a competition that Samsung held in 2014. Interestingly enough, according to Choi, the product came about as a way to improve upon the smartwatch. Creating a Kickstarter campaign for Sgnl didn’t just raise money — it got people talking.

Speaking of money, the company originally set out to fundraise $50,000 — but at the time of publication they’ve already hit $933,249 with 17 days to go. Pretty impressive.

Of course, people are buzzing about Sgnl because it seems pretty simple — since the technology is embedded into a strap, you can use it with any kind of watch that you already have. But even if you don’t wear a watch, you can purchase a Sgnl with a pretty slick looking smart band.

Innomdle Lab / www.kickstarter.com

So, how does it work? Easy. It works through vibrations. Sgnl picks up on voice from Bluetooth, and is then programmed to generate vibrations to the Conduction Unit, which travels from your hand to your fingertip. How awesome is that?

It’s not a question as to if we’re going to buy a Sgnl when it’s released — it’s more like, how many of them are we getting. The future is finally here!