Kenya Foy
February 21, 2017 3:20 pm
Hoversurf Official /

So, hoverboards are undeniably popular, but by our Imaginary Future standards (read: our Back to the Future-themed hopes and dreams), they’re an extremely huge letdown. Unlike, the world’s first manned hoverbike, they don’t actually fly, but we won’t spend too much time harping on how disappointed they’ve left us.

Besides, the two-wheeled contraptions have been through a lot since they first hit the market. Given the number of struggles people have had with their hoverboards, compounded by airlines banning hoverboards from planes, we don’t want to continue contributing to any more hoverboard slander.

So let’s get move on to dissecting this cool new craft that looks as insane as it sounds.

According to The Daily Dot, a Russian drone company released footage of a man riding the Scorpion-3, a prototype which runs off electricity and is somewhat of a cross between a quadcopter and a motorcycle. The single-person aircraft has us imagining what it would be like to soar above traffic jams and reduce our road rage encounters, but Hoversurf Inc. — the company that designed it — plans to take it in a more sports-oriented direction.

Either way, watching it lift an entire human being is pretty friggin’ badass. Controlled by drones and software that regulates the speed and direction, this hoverbike gives off some major sci-fi vibes, and suddenly our vision for the future of flying vehicles looks much more promising:

So, we hate to say it hoverboard lovers, but when it comes to our favorite technological advancements inspired by books, movies and television, this hover bike is definitely at the top of the list.