Emily Baines
August 15, 2016 6:04 pm

If you live in Texas and play Pokémon Go then you might be in for a nice surprise the next time you visit your local PokéStop: “self taught and generally crafty person” Knotty Nichole is crocheting tiny Pokémon characters and leaving them at PokéStops for trainers to find! And they’re even more adorable than their game doppelgängers:

On her Instagram page, Knotty Nichole refers to herself as an “avid gamer, foodie, and crafty geek” and her Pokémon-inspired crocheted creations make us want to catch (or craft) ’em all! They are part of a project she calls #CrochetGo (ha! get it?) and so far she’s made everything from Tangelas to Oddishes, Zubats to Jigglypuffs. In an extra act of charity, Knotty Nichole has made her designs available for free online, so if you don’t live in Texas then don’t worry—all you need to do to catch one is learn to crochet!

Below are some of our favorites of her creations:









Even those of us who don’t play Pokémon Go want to catch all of these adorable craft creations!

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