Kenya Foy
Updated December 02, 2016
Beauty of Science /

The classes of our youth could’ve definitely learned a lesson from some of the amazing visual breakdowns of scientific processes, like this slow-motion video of precipitation we spotted at Atlas Obscura. Seriously, we could’ve used material from the creators of this video and the NASA comic book about the water cycle when we were struggling to stay awake in class.

Despite our overt bitterness, creative projects like this up close and personal look at precipitation have given us a new appreciation for science (which also won cool points for confirming that being hangry is our strongest motivating force).

In the Beauty of Science project titled Precipitation2, six chemical reactions are shown at a microscopic level, producing gooey, vividly colored globs of precipitation that are unique and strangely captivating.

Thanks to this mesmerizing microscopic exploration,we can now add yet another chemical process to the list of science stuff that excites us.