Daryl Lindsey
November 21, 2016 4:04 pm

If we do say so ourselves, the view of Earth from the International Space Station is pretty dang spectacular.

That’s why most astronauts and cosmonauts who work on the ISS opt love the Cupola – a mostly-glass module that offers a spectacular view through seven bay windows.

As Russian cosmonaut Andrey Borisenko explains, astronauts on the ISS don’t get a lot of free time. Whenever any time opens up for some rest and relaxation, Borisenko says, the Cupola is the prime spot.

Borisenko wanted to share the beauty of the Earth with the world – and did so by filming a 4k video with a 360-degree camera, giving us the first video of a panoramic view of Earth.

The video, courtesy of Russia’s RT News, shows Borisenko making his way into the chamber. Click around to take in the magnificent views and explore the module. Better yet, slap on a VR headset for a genuinely *otherworldly* experience.

Be sure to spin the camera toward the window around the 1:25 minute mark. It just might blow your mind.