Briana Hansen
Updated Jul 17, 2016 @ 9:00 am
Credit: Jason Howie/Flickr Creative Commons

It turns out you can tell a lot about a person by their Instagram page. And not from their pictures and captions. A new study showed that people in similar age ranges tend to use Instagram in similar ways.

Credit: ABC/Giphy

Researchers at Pennsylvania State published findings that suggested different generations use their Instagram pages totally differently (and it has nothing to do with the actual content posted). Instead, they found the major differences in how different ages respond to comments and “likes.”

Adults tend to take their time in response to a comment, averaging around 30 minutes. Teenagers reply much quicker, with their average response time clocking in right at 7.2 minutes.

While there’s plenty of speculation as to why there is such a significant difference between generations (adults maybe have stuff to do which is not great cause, hey, why are they on Insta then?), there’s no hard evidence yet one way or another as to what exactly causes the delay.

Younger generations also tend to post fewer posts but get many more responses. Though, as another article points out, this is more probably because they’re more likely to delete posts that don’t meet their expectations.


Teenagers are also more concerned about being “popular,” and therefore more likely to take down a picture that doesn’t get enough engagement or response.

The last major age giveaway in your feed is the locations of your post. Adults tends to have a lot more diversity in their locations than younger generations. (I mean, it helps to have cars and money for traveling, probably.)

No matter how you’re using it, though, if you’re having a good time with Instagram, we say you’re doing it right.