Ashley Rey
December 24, 2016 9:56 am
Worawee Meepian / Shutterstock

Just when we thought we had a handle on using the app, Uber changed the game with another awesome upgrade! People can now make each other destinations with Uber, and we’re losing our minds at the thought. This update takes meeting up with friends to a whole new level. Just sync your contacts, send a location request to your friend through the app and you’re on your way! It’s that simple.

And just when we started to fear the thought of having less human interaction as a result of the app’s self-driving cars, they figure out how to bring person-to-person interaction back into the fold.

Still in disbelief? Check out the app’s new feature demo, below!

So cool, right?! The only catch is that your friend will have to stay put until you arrive to the destination. Once the location is locked in, it won’t expire for the next half hour.

We totally can’t wait to try out the new feature!