Christina Pellegrini
April 09, 2017 9:30 am
YouTube/Auckland Transport

Technology is great: It gives us awesome things like the Internet (which we know you’re taking full advantage of right now). But sometimes, tech advancements can get a little too smart. Take the railway system in New Zealand, for example. The country recently set up a fancy new line of electric trains, and we’ll be the first to say we’re hugely in favor of their stylish design, improved disability access, and environmental friendliness. Go NZ!

But, there’s one feature that might cause more problems than it solves: they’re super quiet.  So quiet, in fact, that they might be endangering the locals. Because one of these trains almost hit someone yesterday, Gizmodo reports.

According to disturbing footage from a security camera, a train came realllllly close to colliding into a resident at a pedestrian crossing yesterday.

In the harrowing video, you can see the person looks right, but not left, before crossing. Then the train whooshes by — you guessed it — her right side. The station on tape is reportedly at Mt Eden in the city of Auckland.

The pedestrian ignores the flashing lights and warning bells. But so do several other people before her.

Unsurprisingly, train officials are now urging that people use extreme caution when crossing the train tracks.

We get the desire for quiet trains. If you live nearby, they might be super noisy and wake you up, or just bother you when you’re working. But on the other hand, in the age of headphones and constantly distracting cell phones, maybe there’s a downside to something that big and fast being stealthy.

Hopefully, the video will at least remind people to look both ways! Yikes.