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There’s something quite artistic about a tweet. Just think about it — it’s a timestamped thought that goes out to the whole world. That’s probably why the company Framed Tweets is selling — well — framed tweets. That way, you can display your favorite tweets like the works of art they are.

Each framed tweet is on sale for around $49, and while we admit that the cost probably goes 100% towards the frame, it definitely saves us a step from just framing them ourselves. The site is also spectacular for featuring a bunch of special categories that their featured tweets fit in.

For example, there’s “celebrity” but also a category geared solely towards Jaden Smith, who uses his account to create accidental poetry.

Credit: Framed Tweets

Kanye also has his own collection. Note to celebs: Having an interesting account on Twitter can definitely take you far.

Hey, makes sense.

Of course, celebrities and influential figures aren’t the only ones who can have a little fun with this. Framed Tweets will also let you frame the Twitter gold that you and your friends created. So if your best buddy thought up something LOL-worthy and is in need of some home decor, you could always buy them their own framed tweet for a holiday gift.

Pretty much, if a tweet exists, this company will frame it for you. The hardest part about all of this? Finding the perfect tweet that’s frame-worthy.