Kenya Foy
Updated Sep 19, 2016 @ 10:42 am
Credit: Jordan McQueen/Unsplash

Every time Apple introduces a newer version of the iPhone, users typically have at least one reason to be supremely pissed off. Whether it’s the missing headphone jack or some other confusing AF feature Apple thought everyone would love, watching an iPhone 7 get destroyed by a hydraulic press should help out anyone harboring some not-so-pleasant feelings towards their new smart phone.

Thanks to the creative (read: destructive) individuals over at The Hydraulic Channel on YouTube, anyone whose iPhone 7 emits that mysterious handset hissing noise can now alleviate the added stress that the updated smart phone hath wrought upon their lives without actually ripping it to shreds (which you would probably regret, no matter how much your new phone annoys you).

We know how it feels to be blinded by anger when things don’t work out the way you expected, but please, do NOT try this at home because we’re pretty sure Applecare won’t cover the damages. Besides, you’ve gotten past the hard part, which was patiently waiting for Apple to release the iPhone 7 in the first damn place. Surely you haven’t forgotten about how wonderful it is, hmmm?

In case your memory is clouded by mobile phone malfunctions, the iPhone 7 is extremely durable (if you don’t crush it with a hydraulic press, obviously), the camera is a huge step up from previous versions and the updated speaker allows you to blast your favorite jam way louder than you could with the old iPhone.

Credit: Parkwood/Columbia /

Unless you’re one of the many Denmark citizens who totally ignored the iPhone 7 release, watch the destructive video with unbridled glee and a sense of relief. But before you go destroying your phone out of frustration, rest assured that like previous iPhone #firstworldproblems, this too, shall pass.