Karen Belz
Updated April 10, 2017
Parihug / https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/parihug/parihug-hug-loved-ones-from-anywhere-in-the-world?token=af0e91ea

Stuffed animals have come a long way. Thanks to Parihug’s Pari, a stuffed animal that gives hugs, they might be more in style than ever before. This is only proof that a stuffed animal doesn’t need games to be cool. Sorry, Furby.

First, a fact: Hugs are simply wonderful. And while, in a perfect world, we’d get hugged all the time, sometimes that doesn’t happen. If we live alone, or aren’t in a relationship, or simply aren’t the huggy type with friends, hugs aren’t a definite.

Pari was created for people in long distance relationships who might be able to see their significant other thanks to technology, but not feel them. And not just romantic relationships. Obviously Parican be used to bring families closer, as well. And, sure — nothing beats the real thing. But this comes pretty darn close.

The real question is, why hasn’t anyone thought of this genius idea sooner?

Here’s how it works. When one Pari is hugged, the individual who owns the matching Pari feels it through a vibration. It’s just a really nice way to say “I’m thinking of you.” If you think about it, Pari can really help relationships flourish.

While Pari has been talked about for a few months, the Kickstarter campaign just launched to raise a little extra money for its wide release — in particular, making sure that Pari is up to date with legal certifications and manufacturing standards.

At the time of publication, the Pari Kickstarter campaign got an impressive start at just a little over 7k, and they’re looking to raise 30,000 total. If they go beyond the goal, they’ll consider a few fun options to backers, like camouflage Pari plushes for those in the military.

We totally know this campaign will have no problem going above and beyond. Hugs are just that powerful.