Kenya Foy
December 19, 2016 10:14 am
Melissa O'Donohue/

Since it’s common knowledge that pizza is life, we completely relate to this person whose fridge dispenses pizza bites. In our humble opinion, this crafty, pizza-obsessed genius is only second in line behind the woman who put wine in her refrigerator’s water dispenser on the list of greatest heroes to ever tread upon the surface of Earth. Together, they have changed the way we view ordinary kitchen appliances and for that, we are eternally grateful.

So, let us start by saying that this fridge that doles out pizza bites absolutely proves that we’ve been eating pizza the wrong way our entire lives. Per Cosmo, this potential lifetime achievement award recipient is none other than Imgur user reanimatedus, who posted the video of the re-purposed dispenser in the magical act of shooting out pizza bites to an eagerly awaiting (and presumably hungry) human:

We tend to agree with reanimatedus when it comes to nixing the water dispenser. Seriously, who TF needs water or ice when you can have ALL of the pizza bites upon command? The only thing better than eating pizza is eating pizza in the most convenient way possible.

With all of these smart fridges that are hitting the market, we can’t help but wonder why none of those professional techie folks didn’t think of this idea first. Yeah, it’s cool to access apps, time, temperatures and the internet from your refrigerator, but what good is all that if it completely ignores your obsession with pizza and the need to have it RIGHT NOW?

C’mon, fridge manufacturers: If we’re gonna shell out $5,800 for a smart refrigerator, we at least need it to know and immediately respond to our food demands. Is that too much to ask?